catherine-die-grosse: 13, 16

16. What’s your favourite film?

Jurassic Park.

13. What is/are your life goal(s)?

Same as before.

perfidiousalbion: 12, 17

12. What’s a perfect date for you?

Honestly, the concept of dating is not one I’ve never put much mental energy into contemplating. My last girlfriend and I did not go out to clubs or restaurants all that often (what with the student’s budget and the shared misanthropy for humankind), rather we’d just stay at her place and play video games in our underwear. That was cool.

I guess a trip to a museum or an art gallery might be nice, if they were really interested in some particular exhibit. 

17. Tell us one random fact about your life?

I came this close to being born and raised in il Stati Uniti!

Anonymous: 1, 10

1. Tell us the meaning behind your URL.

There was never any discernible thought put into it, at least not consciously. I plucked it out of the ether as my nom de plume for the web six years ago when I was starting out on YouTube and have been using it for almost everything ever since. 

As to meaning, the “raving” is indicative of my ego’s mental image of myself as a decidedly crazed, yet still charming, young man. The “celt” part’s a little harder to nail down. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I hold little to no personal attachment to my nation of birth or any of the outstanding features of Irish culture. More than likely, I think it came from my fondness for all things both ancient and pagan.

10. What is/are your biggest turn on(s)?

The heated embrace of your breath when it envelopes my neck.
The shape of your moans that I trace on your flesh with my fingers.
The slight furrows I left on your shoulder from my teeth.
The gravity of your desire pressing on me, weighted down by the way you whimper my name.

Oh! And big tits!

Please allow me introduce myself…


Pick a number!

1. Tell us the meaning behind your URL.
2. Show us a picture of you.
3. Tell us about your tattoos (if you have any).
4. When was the last time you cried and why?
5. Tell us about your piercings (if any).
6. Who’s your favourite band/artist?
7. What is/are your biggest turn off(s)?
8. What’s your Top 5 [insert subject]?
9. What tattoos (if any) do you want?
10. What is/are your biggest turn on(s)?
11. How old are you?
12. What’s a perfect date for you?
13. What is/are your life goal(s)?
14. What piercings, if any, do you want?
15. What’s your relationship status?
16. What’s your favourite film?
17. Tell us one random fact about your life?
18. Do you have any phobias?
19. What’s your middle name?
20. [ask me anything that you’d like]

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Quick and simple lifehacks.

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nah but like

if you are the person who adds shitty “tumblr won’t care about this because it happened to a man” type comments on things

you are a terrible person

like you are literally using that person’s suffering to take a jab at a group of people (who actually probably do care)

you are the person who doesn’t actually care

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A.I.M agents on lunch break, part II. 

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I watched with glee while your Kings and Queens fought for ten decades for the Gods they made. I shouted out, “Who killed the Kennedys?” When after all, it was you and me.


you’re gonna look so freaking cool

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*loses a follower*
*checks fave mutuals*
yeah ok whatever later nerd

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